2019 Planner Setup – The 15 Month Digital Awesome Planner

A new planner for the new year.

I just finished the design and listing of the new 2019 Digital Awesome Planners…. This the the version of my planners that I like to use the most. It’s designed to fit what I need in a planner… and I hope that it also appeals to you.

The planner has a weekly spread that includes a time schedule, top 3 list, and notes section. There is also a notes sidebar on each spread to keep weekly tasks, trackers, etc. I redesigned the rest of the planner to better fit my needs… I did this by removing the blank tabbed sections and adding an Index. Now, I can keep notes on 36 different topics and have them organized in the back section of my planner. No need to figure out how I want to separate out my tabs, etc.

There are also so many more links built into this planner. It makes it super easy to navigate. You can watch the video to see where the new links have been added.

I’m very excited to start using this planner… Remember that even though it is a 2019 planner, it actually starts in Oct 2018. Give this planner a try and let me know how you like it!

Happy Planning!

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My #1 Device

I love my iPad Mini 6... Pink, Wi-Fi + Cellular, 256. I purchased mine through T-Mobile but you can get a renewed/practically new one on Amazon HERE. This thing can go with you everywhere and can even fit the in the back pocket of many jeans!

You can find a list of my devices and favorite apps on the 'Resources' page.

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