Digital Note Taking Tips for OneNote and GoodNotes

Some note taking tips for both OneNote and GoodNotes

In today's tutorial, I've selected a video from Caitlin's Corner. She's a student at university but the tips she has for her note taking can be used for anyone.

I like her thought processes for why she uses each app and how she ties them together. Especially how she sends the notes from GoodNotes over to OneNote for archiving (This is what I do!). It's a great option for those of us who like to use more than one digital planner but want to ultimately keep all the information in one spot.

See how she does it and hopefully it will give you some ideas too!

Happy planning!

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I love my iPad Mini 6... Pink, Wi-Fi + Cellular, 256. I purchased mine through T-Mobile but you can get a renewed/practically new one on Amazon HERE. This thing can go with you everywhere and can even fit the in the back pocket of many jeans!

You can find a list of my devices and favorite apps on the 'Resources' page.

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