Digital Planning Devices

Digital Planning Devices

Digital planning requires equipment.

Are you a paper planner and are curious about how to start using a digital planner?

Well, this can be as easy or as complicated as you want to make it. The device you have will determine which type of digital planner you should get.

There are three main operating systems you can work in: iOS, Android, and Windows.

Here Are Some "Real" Pictures of The Devices I Use

Surface Go and Note 9

HP Laptop

iPad Pro

iOS Devices

iOS devices include the iPad series and iPhones. Digital planners obviously work better on iPads that are compatible with the Apple Pencil. You'll need to check the Apple website to verify pencil compatibility with your device. iPhones can also be used but I generally don't recommend it. The screen is just too small to be functional.

When using an iOS device, you have more options with the type of planner you use. Most digital planner designers offer PDF planners that have hyperlinks built into the planner. These links will not be functional in every app, so make sure you check the product descriptions before purchasing.

Some of the most popular iOS apps for PDF digital planners are: GoodNotes, ZoomNotes, Noteshelf 2, Notability, and Metamoji Notes (no hyperlinking with Metamoji though).

When using iOS, you can also use a OneNote planner in the OneNote app..... So, this is really the best of both worlds.

Android Devices

Android devices include phones and tablets. Digital planning options with Android devices are a little more limited. It's totally possible but you don't have access to as many powerful apps. - I personally use my OneNote planner on my Samsung Note 9 phone. This works for me on the go even though the screen is too small for full time use. The fact that the Note has an S-Pen makes it easier to use.

When using and Android tablet, you can add a stylus and use a PDF planner or OneNote planner. A couple of the most popular apps for PDF digital planners are: XODO and Metamoji Notes (still no hyperlinking with Metamoji).

And, as I mentioned, you can use a OneNote planner in the OneNote app.

Windows Devices

Windows devices include PCs, laptops, phones, and Surface tablets. The best option for planning on these devices is OneNote. Especially if you have a Surface tablet with a pen.

There is a version of Metamoji Notes for Windows but it's very limited. I actually never recommend using a PDF planner on a Windows device.

OneNote is my recommendation for planning in Windows. I use my OneNote planner on my laptop and my Surface Go. 

How Do I Use My Planners?

Here's summary of the devices, planners, and apps that I use:

  • iPad Pro - I use the PDF Daily Perpetual Planner (seen below) in the Noteshelf 2 app. I use this planner to help me focus on daily tasks, take notes, and do a little daily scrapbooking. The planner is only available to me on this one device.
  • iPad Pro - I use the most current OneNote Mega planner in the OneNote app. This planner is used to plan out my weeks and do some time tracking. OneNote also stores more of my important information. This planner is available to me on ALL of my devices where OneNote is installed.
  • Laptop - I use my OneNote planner in the older version of the app (OneNote 2016). It's the same planner that's on my iPad. OneNote will sync across all of your devices.
  • Surface Go - I use my OneNote planner in the OneNote app. I have the pen, which makes this a great alternative to the iPad Pro.
  • Samsung Note 9 - I use my OneNote planner in the OneNote app. I mainly use this just to reference information because the screen is so small.
  • And.... I have an Android tablet and old iPhone/iPad Minis, but I never use them!


There are so many different ways to use a digital planner....

Digital planning is great for everyone. Especially those of us who really love having our "techie" devices. Just imagine how many planners you can carry around with you on one little iPad.... 

My preferred device for digital planning is the iPad Pro with the Apple Pencil. This one device allows me to use both types of planners.

I hope this article helped shed a little light on options for devices, apps and planners. - Do you use a digital planner? Let me know......

And, happy planning!

Michele - A.K.A "Mimi"

Owner and designer at Everyday Awesome, The Awesome Planner, and MimiGaylor.

A former Social Worker who now shares her organization skills by providing digital planning products.

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