EP014 - Going Digital for Planning

EP014 - Going Digital for Planning

EP014 - Going Digital for Planning

Oh... how I have fallen in love with my digital planner. But - even though I love it, I don't think I can completely give up the paper. I just don't see that happening!

I have a podcast episode to share in this post......... Listen to my thoughts on digital planning below:



In today's episode I talk about going digital for planning. I have 5 compelling reasons why it makes sense to go digital, even though I love paper. You can listen to the episode right here on the blog or on one of your favorite podcast players..... just search for the "Everyday Awesome" podcast in iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, and Tune In.

A digital planner is what you make it......... and that can be practically anything! I use digital Awesome Planner that is imported into a note taking app. This planner looks and acts just like a paper planner, especially when I use my Apple Pencil to write. It's great!

Share with me your thoughts on digital planning below. Have you considered switching? Do you have any tips for me? Let me know!


Going digital for planning?

See the featured digital planners in the shop....

Happy Planning!

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I love my iPad Mini 6... Pink, Wi-Fi + Cellular, 256. I purchased mine through T-Mobile but you can get a renewed/practically new one on Amazon HERE. This thing can go with you everywhere and can even fit the in the back pocket of many jeans!

You can find a list of my devices and favorite apps on the 'Resources' page.

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