Slowly Migrating to Notion

How I'm Slowly Migrating Everything to Notion

The Notion Takeover

I've long been a big advocate and user of OneNote... I still love the app but I've decided to migrate over to Notion.

If you've spent any time browsing planner or productivity videos on YouTube, you should be very familiar with Notion. It seems that everyone is using it.

I first encountered the app several years ago and attempted to set it up. I gave up right away because it was soooo intimidating and confusing! I made a second attempt about a year and a half ago and I've never looked back.

The biggest pros to Notion are:

It's multi-platform

It can be virtually anything you want it to be

It's FREE (Sign up here)

The developers at Notion continue to make improvements. So, it just keeps getting better and better.

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What I'm Migrating Into Notion

To keep digital planning and information organized, you need to have ONE single source for all important information. For me, this is going to be Notion.

I use several different apps to 'gather' and document information. It's okay to do this but it can become very frustrating when searching for specific notes, etc. To avoid this, I simply copy/paste or import all of that information into Notion after processing. For example, I can take handwritten notes on a phone call in GoodNotes then copy and paste the information into a note in Notion. Once the information is in Notion, it can be properly tagged and categorized for long-term storage.

Setting things up this way gives me freedom and peace of mind. I know I can switch between other fun and interesting note-taking apps because it all funnels back to one place eventually.

Many people use Notion for task management but I've found that it just doesn't work for me right now. I do keep track of future projects on a KanBan board but for day-to-day tasks, I'm using Tick-Tick.

The most important thing that has completely moved into Notion is my business information and tracking. The database system makes it so easy to keep track of custom orders, expenses, etc. I also have an entire database of digital stickers for my All Access Members that is shared directly from the app.

Opportunities for new products

Focusing more on Notion has my gears turning for many new product ideas. Notion is so powerful and versatile. - Databases are our friend!

The 'Complete Pantry Inventory, Meal Planning, and Nutrition System' is an example of a new product available from The Awesome Planner.

It's a fairly complex system to keep track of food storage AND food intake... Great for preppers as well as fitness-minded people.

The system is easy to use because the back-end has already been built for you.

If you find yourself overwhelmed by this app, Notion templates can save you! You can get both free and paid templates for just about anything.

Final Thoughts

My migration to Notion is a slow process. This is very intentional on my part. I don't want to spend hours and days moving information for no reason. Some data can stay in OneNote, or even Evernote until I have a pressing need to move it. This way, I can focus on setting up one system at a time.

I do believe that I will eventually have mostly everything migrated.

All in good time...

Much love - Michele

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