June 2019 Be Awesome Challenge – Be in Nature

Be in nature this month and see what happens….

June marks the beginning of the Be Awesome monthly challenges.

This is something that I have been wanting to do for a very long time so I’m just jumping in!

I can hear you and I know that you’re thinking…. “What does this have to do with planning?!” Well, I promise that this challenge will help with your overall well being and help to reduce overload and anxiety. Isn’t that one of the reasons why you keep a planner? To organize the chaos…….

Many of us feel overwhelmed by our ToDo list each day and don’t take the time to really slow down and reflect. That old saying about taking time to smell the roses resonates for a reason. When I feel stuck on a project I can go outside and regain perspective.

Being outdoors not only helps with our mental health but studies have shown that it also improves our physical health. I’m not a doctor so don’t take my words as medical advice…… but cultures such as the Japanese actually have a term called “forest bathing” which involves walking in nature. Being outdoors exposes us to beneficial bacteria that we can collect by breathing them in and skin exposure.

Forest bathing video clip.

Many people also practice what is called “grounding” or “earthing”. This usually involves being in direct skin contact with the earth/ground. To do this, you can simply spend a little time in your front/back yard with bare feet. Heck, you can roll around in the grass if you want to…. why not?!

Grounding video clip

So, for the month of June I’d like to challenge you to spend at least 10 minutes each day outside communing with nature. What can it hurt? Not a thing….. It can help you clear your mind of the clutter and help you gain perspective over what’s really important on your task list.

I’ve created a monthly planner sheet to help you document your progress each day. You simply need to add it to your cart and check out for FREE. The ZIP file contains a OneNote page and PDF sheet. You can add this to your OneNote planner or print out the PDF and add it to your paper planner.

Feel free to post your progress on Instagram with the hashtag: #beawesomechallenge – You can also tag me if you like: @every.day.awesome.tv

I will be doing a mid-month and end of month check in to see how I’m personally keeping up with the challenge. This check in will only be available to my members so you may want to consider supporting the shop and signing up if you want my updates! (Members also get HUGE discounts in the shop!)

So…. grab your sunscreen (or not) and get ready to spend a little time outdoors with nature every day in June.

*This challenge is inspired by a book I am currently following along called “100 Life Challenges”. You can get a copy for yourself on Amazon.

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