Planning my Week in the Digital Awesome Planner

Planning my Week in the Digital Awesome Planner

Planning my week in the digital Awesome Planner

This week I am using the vertical timed version of the Awesome Planner to plan my days. I love using a timed week when I have activities planned out that have to occur at specific times. 

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This is the Awesome Planner I am currently using:


This format lets me see the week visually and I can tell where I can plug in time for working, the kids, relaxation, etc. I still have the monthly view to see everything for the month at a glance... and the tabs section to keep notes.

I'm a little obsessed with tracking my time. I like to look back and see how much time I spend working, reading, watching YouTube, etc. 

Right now I use the 12.9" iPad Pro, Apple Pencil, and the Goodnotes app with my planner. Any tablet will work as long as you have a good note taking app that will allow you to annotate PDF files. A decent stylus also makes it much easier to "write" on your tablet.

See how I plan out my week in a recent YouTube video:

I recently purchased the new 10.5" iPad Pro and I can carry it with me on the go. It's more portable than the larger 12.9". Another option is to just move my planner back into the Metamoji Notes app. That will let me view and edit my planner on my phone, which uses Android. Metamoji Notes works with both iOS and Android and you can sync the planner back and forth between the devices.

Digital planning is so convenient and saves money in the long run. I'm a serious planner addict and I designed the Awesome Planner in a selfish attempt to save money.

I still use a paper planner because I very often need to feel the paper in my hands. I have experimented with many different types of planners over the years and have found myself gravitating to the Hobonichis and Traveler's Notebooks over the past four years. I love to bullet journal and this can be easily done in a Traveler's Notebook.

So, what am I currently using for planning and memory keeping?

  • The digital Awesome Planner (on my iPad Pro)
  • A Webster's Pages Color Crush personal size planner... with my Cocoa Daisy Dori insert tucked into the back. Or.... I keep my everything in a standard size Traveler's Notebook (as in the video above).
  • The Hobonichi Cousin as a memory keeper.... sometimes.

 I'm trying to keep my planning system as streamlined as possible. I love the thought of keeping all my important notes in one place, my Awesome Planner, on the iPad. My paper planner is not really necessary but I enjoy it. It makes me happy........... And that's all that really matters.

Happy Planning!

- Michele

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