Should I Plan in OneNote or Use a PDF Digital Planner?

Choosing the digital planner that works for you.

Have you found yourself asking this question? – Should I use a digital planner in OneNote a PDF planner in Noteshelf (GoodNotes, ZoomNotes, etc.)?

I know I have. And, the answer for me is – it depends.

What are you really looking for in a digital planner? If you want better options and control to decorate your digital, then OneNote may not be right for you. Of course, you can add images, stickers, and other elements but you won’t have the same amount of control as you would with a PDF planner.

PDF Digital Planner

Most PDF digital planners work best when using them on an iPad. There are always exceptions to this. But I have found that they really shine when you can use an iPad with the Apple Pencil.

I use my PDF planner as a daily digital scrapbook. This allows me to easily add pictures and other design elements.

Any of these PDF planners could be used for planning or digital scrapbooking:

OneNote Digital Planner

If you want a planner that can be accessed on all your devices across platforms, then the OneNote planner may be right for you. OneNote also gives you the power to add in other Microsoft elements.

I use my OneNote planner for everything! I add in pages to keep track of the kid’s homeschool, my couponing, work schedule, – EVERYTHING.

I like that I can keep all of these things tidy and within the confines of each month of the year. I can also move things around as needed without complications.

Here are the most recent OneNote planners available in the Everyday Awesome shop:

Wrapping Up

I know this is a basic explanation about which planner to use but I’m hoping that my reasonings will help any of you who just aren’t sure where to start.

I always recommend doing your research to find what works best for you. There are so many videos and other information on the web that can help you decide where you want to start.

Planning should help you ease your stress…. not create more! So, have fun with it and don’t overthink things!

More Info:

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If you’re looking for printable stickers and paper planner inserts, check out The Awesome Planner.

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Much love – Michele

Digital Planner for OneNote or PDF

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