#The100DayProject - 100 Days of Decluttering

The 100 Day Project 2023

Have you heard of the #the100dayproject ?? It happens every year and in 2023, today is the day it starts. It's all about creating for 100 days. ( #the100dayproject )

This year I'm going to put a different spin on the challenge. I'm going to do 100 days of decluttering.

If you think about it, this can be a creative project. Decluttering my home will free up the headspace that I'm giving to all my stuff and allow my mind to be "more clear". It will also give me the opportunity to go through my stationary and crafting supplies while organizing and trashing!

donate pile

The Plan

My entire house needs to be decluttered. This will be a very time-consuming project but I'm determined to work on it for at least 15 minutes every day.

The plan is to get a least one bag of trash or donation for the day.

I'll be starting with organizing my paperwork. I'm terrible about keeping piles all around the house. Documents that need to be kept will go in a simplified filing system. Other documents will be scanned and stored in OneNote for easy reference.

The biggest project by far will be decluttering and organizing my garage. It looks a little like the picture below!

cluttered garage

I'll probably put the major work off until the end of the challenge. I have so many plans for the space and will be adding in rarely used arts and crafts supplies. So, I'll have to have those items decluttered before moving them in there.

Progress on my projects will be posted here.... so stay tuned!

  • Much love, Michele
declutter project
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