Using a Paper Planner in Conjunction With Your Digital Planner

Using a Paper Planner in Conjunction With Your Digital Planner

Paper and Digital Planning

I have a love of all things stationary. I've been a planner and pen addict for so many years... long before the recent planner craze. I'm also in love with technology. These two loves sometime cause me grief when it comes to my planning system.

The grief comes from my desire to plan digitally on my tablet and phone while still having this deep seated need to use paper and pens. 

How do I deal with this conflict? It's simple. I just use both.

Using multiple planners can cause confusion if you are spreading your important information about in different areas. I try to prevent losing information by simply making sure EVERYTHING ultimately ends up in my digital planner. And, since the planner is my digital planner on the iPad, I don't have to stress about getting the information in there. I simply snap a photo of my paper planner and add it in..... It's just that simple.

There are weeks when I prefer to write everything out on paper. Sometimes my mind just works better that way. I can do this with peace of mind knowing that it will end up where it needs to be no matter where I decide to write things down.

When you combine a digital planner such as the Awesome Planner into your system, you don't need to stress. Just know that you can always snap a picture of your paper and add it in. This has given me so much peace of mind!

My current digital planner is the 2018 Hourly Planner..... For paper, I am using a combination of the Happy Planner, Hobonichi Weeks, and a personal size ring planner. It makes me happy and content to carry around a small, everyday carry planner that includes all of my wallet contents.

How do you guys plan? Are you like me and enjoy combining your digital planning with paper?

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