What Can You Do With Old iPads and Android Tablets

What Can You Do With Old iPads and Android Tablets

What Can You Do With Old iPads and Android Tablets?

Are you one of those people who are constantly upgrading your equipment and find yourself with all types of older devices around the house? I know I am. 

There was a time when I would sell everything off on eBay. Somewhere along the way I stopped doing this. Probably when the grandkids came along and I started saving things for them to use. You may find yourself in the same situation with kids and grandkids taking over your older devices.

But what if you still have leftover old technology.... or when it doesn't make sense to pass down these devices?

Here are some ways you can use them around the house:

Streaming Devices

How many services do you currently subscribe to for streaming? I would guess at least two.... if not more. Old tablets make great substitute televisions. You can use them to stream from Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Disney+ and many more. You may even be able to watch live TV if your cable service has an app. Why go buy a new TV for the kitchen when you can use an old tablet to stream? 

Video Monitoring

Do you currently have video cameras in the home? I have eight cameras placed in and around my house to monitor activity. I use an extra computer and an old iPad to monitor the cameras. Most camera feeds can be loaded into an IP camera app. Many cameras also come with a proprietary app that you can install on the device. - I have some older cameras and new cameras by Yi Home

Gaming Devices

Older devices may get laggy for some of the more powerful apps but will still run games quite nicely. You can dedicate an old device for games, while saving space on the newer ones for apps.

Photo Frames

You can use an old device for photo displays. Simply find a nice stand for your coffee table, download an app that will display a photo slide.... and there you go!


I can't finish off my list without this one..... You can use an old device to use exclusively for your planner. It doesn't matter if you are using a PDF planner in GoodNotes, Noteself, etc or a OneNote planner. Either will work. You just need to right app to run the planner. You can find these planners and more in the shop:

There you have it! I hope you found a new way to use your old devices. Of course, you can still hop on eBay and sell them to make a little extra cash. But, why not use them around the house?

I know I have a growing collection of iPads, iPad Minis, Android tablets, phones, etc. that have come in very handy.

Let me know how you use your old devices. I love figuring out new uses!

Much love - Michele

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